Exhibitions 2017


 Graduation call and response: Curatorial Lab project:

Negarra A. Kudumu | essayist and curator will present its fifth by Seattle-based artist Jite Agbro opening November 30, 2017 and running through January 6, 2018. 


Armor & Confabulation: Barrel Room Gallery 

Showing though: July 15  through September 15th

Opening reception: July 15th, 2017  rrom 2:00pm -7pm

Location 825 NW 49th St (Ballard)
More information


Bloodlines: ArtXchange Gallery

Showing through: October 5th through November 25th

Opening Reception: October 5th 2017

Location: 512 First Ave, S Seattle, WA 98104
More information:  info@artxchange.org


Armor: M Rosetta Hunter Gallery

Nigerian-American artist Jite Agbro brings a selection of her latest work to Seattle Central's M. Rosetta Hunter Gallery. Armor is a collection of large printed, wall hangings, and paper sculpture that explore how we as human beings project ourselves and our identities into the greater public space, and how doing so changes the way we see ourselves and others. Inspired by personal experience, travel, and the global political climate, Armor visually expresses not only the superficial markers of status, but also the silent exchanges between individuals and groups.

  • Showing through: October 23rd through November 21st 2017
  • Opening Reception: October 25, 5-7 PM
  • Location: 1701 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122
  • More information: @ http://seattlecentral.edu/artgallery/schedule.php